MistAire® Dust Extraction System

A cost effective method to increase facility safety and improve the working environment.

The MistAire® Dust Extraction System is designed to remove volatile dust emissions generated from material handling operations. Potentially explosive dust is rendered harmless as soon as it enters the MistAire® Dust Extraction System and is combined with a water media. The collected mixture of water and dust can then be discharged to waste ponds or concentrated and returned to the original material.

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The Hudco MistAire® has numerous advantages over dry “bag-house” filter collection systems including:
    • Dry “bag-house” filter systems create perfect environments for explosions while the MistAire® Dust Extraction System completely eliminates such risks.
    • Changing “bag-house” filter elements is very hazardous and requires protective gear, a fresh air supply and enclosed workspaces. The MistAire® can be serviced in non-hazardous conditions and requires no special equipment.
    • Dry “bag-house” collectors are comparatively large while the MistAire® Dust Extraction System requires far less physical space for the same CFM performance.
The Hudco MistAire® design is far superior to other dynamic wet scrubbers which rely on an axial flow impeller located in the dirty air-stream:
    • Dust Extractors which rely on an axial flow fan placed in the dirty incoming air-stream are subject to excessive wear and produce high noise levels. The Hudco MistAire® Diffuser operates as a passive system responding to the airflow from a more efficient centrifugal fan operating in clean air on the downstream side of the unit.  The passive nature of the MistAire® Diffuser eliminates wear and eventual failure.
    • High speed axial flow impellers are inherently loud and cannot be located remote from the cleaning unit. The MistAire® Fan can be located to a remote site if preferred.
    • The direct drive axial flow fan scrubbers require non-standard long shaft motors with a relatively short service life caused by stressful impeller loads. The passive diffuser in the MistAire® is well supported by two heavy duty sealed bearings for long service life.
    • Collection water used by the MistAire® can be recycled and the dust slurry concentrated and returned to the conveyor system rather than discharged after a single path to the ash pond as with the other dynamic scrubbers.
    • The limited pressure differentials of the axial flow powered scrubbers limit the system capabilities while the MistAire® Fan can be sized to fit the application with pressure drops up to 30” WG if necessary.
MistAire® Specifications:
    • Airflow capacity: 1,000 – 50,000 CFM
    • System Pressure Differential: 3 – 5 “ WG.
    • Water usage: 2 – 30 GPM
    • Motor: 10 – 200 HP depending on system loads.

Each MistAire® installation is carefully designed to insure consistent velocities in the incoming air-stream to insure no dangerous accumulation in the collection ducts. Air mover selections are based on actual system design requirements.