WearSpan® Advanced Composite Wearplate

The Wear-Resistant Alternative that Makes Steel and Chrome Carbide Wearplate Obsolete!


WearSpan® sets new standards of performance in the toughest industrial applications. Operating cost reductions of 25-90% are typical when WearSpan® is used to replace steels, chrome carbide overlays, rubber, and urethane.


HUDCO Industrial Products has manufactured wear resistant bulk handling and processing components since 1976. Based on our experience with wear resistant materials, including special steels, rubber, ceramics, basalt and plastics, we are confident that you will be very impressed with WearSpan®.

  • No Welding
  • Easy Installation
  • Light Weight
  • Reduces Noise
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Smooth Surface
  • Longest Wear Life Available
  • No Waste, Reduces Inventory
  • Lowest Cost Per Ton Guaranteed!


WearSpan® is a registered trademark of HUDCO Industrial Products, Inc. Certain materials, compositions, and manufacturing techniques used are proprietary and protected by United States Patent. Additional United States and foreign patents pending.


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In chutes, hoppers, bins and other bulk handling equipment subject to flows of rock, coal, grain, cement, wood chips and other abrasive materials up to 6″ in diameter, there is simply no comparison. WearSpan® will easily outperform any steel made! The use of steel chute lining for abrasive materials cannot be economically justified. When cost comparisons are made using the following formula, WearSpan® will always yield a dramatic decrease in Cost Per Ton (CPT).

Chrome Carbide Overlays (CCO), are superior to hard steel plates for abrasive resistance. They are made by making multiple, adjacent-weld passes onto a mild steel base sufficient to entirely cover one side. The weld deposit is composed of a matrix metal of chrome and nickel alloy, filled with tungsten carbide granules. The carbide granules resist wear while held in place by the metal matrix. Chrome carbide resists wear from abrasives of moderate size (8″ or less) diameter. However, they are likely to wear away quite rapidly if the abrasive is small and strikes with enough force to wear the matrix metal from between the carbide granules. Unlike WearSpan®, Chrome carbides are heavy, hard to install, expensive, and have a rough wear surface. WearSpan® can be modified to provide optimum performance in unusual circumstances.

HUDCO Industrial Products, Inc. pioneered to use of advanced adhesives to reliably bond ceramic wear liners in the 1970’s. Today, as the only advanced materials company that formulates and markets our own adhesives, we apply ceramic to complex processing components using a variety of specialized adhesives. While reliable attachments of ceramic are routinely made with adhesives, field installations are often difficult or impossible due to environmental conditions or time constraints. Adhesive bonded ceramic is not as damage resistant as WearSpan®. WearSpan® one blow from a worker’s hammer to the back of a material-plugged, ceramic lined chute will cause lining failure. The same chute lined with WearSpan® will easily withstand hammer blows without damage.

Most of the ceramic volume you purchase is never used. Plug welded ceramics are only as good as the integrity of the thin ceramic cap covering the weld plug. On a typical 1/2″ thick tile, the cap is only 1/8″ – 3/16″ thick. Therefore, the full wear life of a 1/2″ ceramic should not be expected. Once the thin cap fails, rapid deterioration of the unprotected weld plug area follows. If the steel base upon which the plug welded tile is installed is subject to thermal or mechanical movement, lining failure will most likely occur in advance of cap failure. Vibration will cause relief cracks in the highly stressed plug welded area. Environmental corrosion will deteriorate the weld plug since the welding process burned away any protective coating which may have been present. Plug welded ceramics require skilled multi-craftsmen (i.e., brick layers and welders) for proper installation. Based upon these facts, plug welded ceramics have a realistic useful life of only 1/8-1/3 of the total tile thickness. WearSpan® is vastly superior as the abrasion resistant lining thickness is not comprised by the weld plug as previously described. Wear-resistance of WearSpan® is constant and predictable throughout the full thickness of the wear component.